After Hour Emergency Support

The need may occasionally arise for emergency repairs. We define “emergency” as an event involving a warranty item that requires immediate attention in order ot avoid substantial damage to your home or significant rish to your health and safety.

This includes any of the following which may occur during teh warranty period: complete loss of heat, water or electricity; a gas leak; or a plumbing leak taht requires the main water supply to your home to be cut off.

An emergency is alos a comnplete stoppage of sewage disposal; a ajor collapse of any part of the hone’s interior or exterior structure; and major collapse of anypart of the home’s interior or exterior structure; and major water penetration of teh inerior walls or ceilings.

Loss of air conditioning is not considered an emergency, nor any damage caused by forces beyond our conrol, from municipal utility service failures due to “acts of God”.

If you should experience any of the above emergencies, call our 24-hour emergency response hotlines a the numbers below:

Service Department:

Toll-Free: 1-866-964-7163


For fire, gas leaks, and carbon monoxide leaks contact your local Fire Department or 911.