The Construction Process

The Basic Stages of Construction

Materials to build your new home are ordered well in advance and the construction coordination involves numerous suppliers, trades and professionals. While there have been advances and innovations in the home building industry, the process has remained the same, with what is essentially a “hand-built” product. Overall, the process of building a new home generally takes 6 - 8 months. As a Homeowner, you should be aware of the various stages that your home goes through, as your closing date approaches.

Stages of Construction
Stage 1 - Excavation, foundation and underground service
Stage 2 - Structural framing, interior partitions, windows and doors, roofing, rough electrical, mechanical and plumbing, masonry and stucco work as well as siding installation.
Stage 3 - Drywall, taping, primer, ceramic flooring, interior trim and doors
Stage 4 - Cabinetry and paint, finish electrical, mehanical + plumbing, hardwood flooring/carpet
Stage 5 - Final clean and occupancy

Building any home requires extensive coordination between site superintendents, contracted trades, municipal employees, consulting engineers and legal offices. Your most crucial contribution to this collaborative effort is your Décor Appointment.

As soon as you finish your appointment and sign your colour chart, all finishes and selections are immediately processed, materials are ordered and the different trades are notified.

Now we are ready to make your dream home a reality.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

We know exactly how exciting it can be when construction gets started on your home. We are just as enthusiastic and want you to have the first opportunity to see the progress.

A construction site is a hazardous place for those without proper safety attire or experience on the worksite and, because your safety is our top priority, any unsupervised entry is prohibited.

You can schedule a personalized New Home Walk-Through prior to drywall going up. At your Walk-Through you will be accompanied by one of our Construction Team Members who will carefully guide you through your home and help explain the details of what you see.

If you do wish to book a Walk-Through, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Contact your Sales Representative to request a Walk-Through Appointment.
  2. Co-ordinate time and date.
  3. Visit sales office just prior to appointment to pick up boots and hardhats.
  4. Meet construction staff at arranged location and time.
  5. Tour your home.

*No one under the age of 16 is allowed on site at any time, regardless of safety equipment. Only the individuals listed on the offer will be allowed to enter the property.

Pre-Delivery Inspection Tips– What To Bring, What To Expect

Your home has been built with care and will be inspected by our technical staff during construction. Municipal building inspectors, hydro, plumbing and gas inspectors will further examine your home to ensure building code requirements are met.

Your PDI appointment will be scheduled approximately one week prior to your closing date. A Heathwood representative will accompany you on a thorough “Pre-Delivery Inspection” of your new home.

During this PDI, you will be asked to identify any items of concern. Your inspection will include every room of the house, the basement as well as the exterior (weather permitting). These items will be listed on a form, which you will review and sign to confirm its accuracy.

At the same time, you will review and sign a Certificate of Completion & Possession and a Warranty Certificate (CCP), which lists your home’s Tarion Warranty Program enrolment numbers as well as the date of possession (which is when your warranty officially starts).

The PDI is your first chance to view your new home in its completed form. It is also your best opportunity to learn how to operate your home’s systems, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like. If you are unable to assess something because it has not yet been installed, completed or cleaned, please note this on the PDI form as well.

The PDI is an important final step in your purchase of a new home and we advise that you do not bring along children or friends. If you intend to have a designate conduct the PDI in your place, please provide us with written authority to do so.